Our Vision

Business Plans Across Borders

Business Plans Across Borders – aka, Borders.org – is a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization. Borders.org was created to assist low income, refugee, and military veteran entrepreneurs with writing and developing their business plans. To this end our staff works one-on-one with aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them write, structure and develop business models. We also provide them with networking opportunities in the business and financial arena.

Cycle of Innovation vs. Cycle of Poverty

People are the planet’s greatest natural resource. Untapped innovation is a loss for society. Low income families, refugees and military veterans often lack the resources and skills needed to navigate the business world: everything from education, to networks, to speaking the language. Such obstacles can cause cycles of generational poverty. There are thousands of would-be entrepreneurs who need help creating a business, which can create jobs, contribute to the economy, and bring about a cycle of innovation for generations to come. Our staff is dedicated to achieving this for the entrepreneurs we assist.

Time & Grants

Borders.org offers time and/or funds to our target entrepreneurs, enabling them to produce a draft business plan. Entrepreneurs who show exceptional dedication by completing our business plan collaboration process – and are therefore ready to launch their business – are eligible to receive micro grants to help kickstart their business by incorporating their company. Or the funds can be used for other initiatives, such as website development. It’s worth noting that not all business plans need funding. In fact, business plans for “just” managerial guidance are quite common, and often do not have a capital funding requirement from outside investors.


Tamar Azous
Co-Founder, Executive Director