New York, NY March 22, 2017–Business Plans Across Borders (, the non-profit that assists aspiring entrepreneurs from low income families, refugees and legal immigrants with writing and developing business plans that will lead to capital raising initiatives, announced today that it stands with immigrants and refugees, and opposes actions taken by any government agency or sovereign country policy that discriminates based on religion, race or country of origin.

In a statement by Tamar Azous, Borders.Org co-founder and Executive Director, “The values on which America is based are frequently tested and we must always rise above discriminatory political rhetoric and stand together to welcome and uplift those in need who seek to advance themselves within free-thinking, democratic societies.” Added Ms. Azous, “Refugees and immigrants have helped strengthen America since its inception, making our nation richer culturally, intellectually, and economically. was created to see through discriminatory borders, physical or virtual, and enable entrepreneurs without resources, including US citizens as well as refugees and legal immigrants, to contribute to American society and achieve their full potential, creating a cycle of innovation.”


Established in 2016, BORDERS.ORG is a fully-certified 501(c) (3) with headquarters in Seattle, WA and offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv. The organization assists low income families, refugees and immigrants with writing and developing their business plans. Members of work one-on-one with aspiring entrepreneurs-in-need by helping them write, structure and develop business models. The organization also provides networking opportunities in the business and financial arena. Navigating the process of starting up a business can be daunting, even with a wealth of resources at one’s disposal. For members of immigrant and refugee communities, and for low-income families in America who aspire to become entrepreneurs and financially independent, the resources needed to achieve these goals can often be completely inaccessible. was founded to tap the innovation spirit from all levels of American society, and make the entrepreneurial dream of creating and/or owning a business attainable to everyone who has the required passion, will and capabilities. There are thousands of would-be entrepreneurs who need help creating a small, self-sustaining business, or a businesses which can create jobs within their communities, contribute to the economy, and bring about a cycle of innovation for generations to come. The organizations website is

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