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We offer a variety of services and programs tailored to each entrepreneur, including:

  1. Business Plan Collaboration

  2. Financial Projections Development

  3. Incorporation Assistance

  4. Website Creation Assistance

  5. General Business Services

Business Plans assists with the most important document that a business owner or entrepreneur must have: the business plan. A business plan’s importance should not be undervalued. The need for a business plan is twofold: first the plan acts as a road map for the company. It is more than an action plan in that it contains vital strategies and insight into the planning and market of one’s product or services. Additionally, for a company to raise capital, either from qualified investors or via a bank loan, a business plan is mandatory to submit. However, regardless of seeking capital, a business plan should be written for a business seeking to start or grow.

A well written business plan helps the entrepreneur think about the company’s strategic direction, its operating model, marketing strategies and its growth objectives, as well as the exit strategies.

Business Plan Collaboration’s staff will help customize your business plan and model. We work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to write and strengthen their business plan and financials. Our strength lay in collaborating with our partners to create a business plan that serves as a guiding tool for growth. Together, we produce a professional, investor ready or managerial business plan that highlights the business opportunity.  Such a business plan can assist the entrepreneur in his or her overall venture. Once we decide to work together, our collaborative process includes some of the following. Note there are many more steps than the below illustration, but these are the basics:

  • Start with a conversation about your business, your vision and your goals.

  • Begin the process of gathering information about your venture, your market and your needs.

  • Collaborate on details, strategies, and all major elements of the business plan.

  • Conduct additional research and planning.

  • Write and draft the business plan.

  • Together, we incorporate your revenue and expense models into the financial model segment of the business plan. The financial model will detail the revenue and expenses and your budget.

  • Review the business plan for weaknesses and incorporate updates.

  • Finalize the business plan and provide ongoing support such as making updates to the business plan and deliverables at no additional charge

  • Allocate grant or seed capital to our entrepreneur.

  • Prepare and coach you on meetings with investors or banks in order to raise capital.


Financial Projections

Financial projections are a critical component of any business plan. If you cannot clearly explain your budget, your revenue and expense models than you will most likely fail at any business. Our team at will assist you with creating your company’s spreadsheets and financial projections, and budget.

 In business, a financial plan can refer to the three primary financial statements of a company: 1) the balance sheet, 2) the income statement, and 3) the cash flow statement. The most important aspects of the financial model are that it is honest, realistic, and makes sense.   Encompassed within the financial model are several alternative forecasts. Pro forma statements, for example, are used for a full range of financial analysis and should be created at the commencement of every financial planning cycle. In addition, pro formas should be created when a company considers a move that could have a significant financial impact to the company. Pro forma statements are created in connection with annual operating budgets and long-term financial planning process., in collaboration with the entrepreneur, will assist in the development of the financial model and its statements.



Once the business plan writing is undertaken the next step for a company is to form a company. It is important to first understand you business and market before spending money on company formation or other expenses. Sometimes, once the business plan’s financials are completed, one may realize that the market is too difficult to penetrate, or that profit, according to the numbers, do not look promising. Thus, you may not want to move forward. All the more reason to hold off on company expenses until the business plan is finalized.

Once the business plan is completed choosing the correct corporate structure will be important. Factors such as your market, your revenue projections, the number of partners you have or may have in the future, your exit strategy as well as other factors will determine the type of company you create (i.e. an limited liability company (LLC) vs. a Corporation such as an S Corp or a C Corp). As part of your team and our service, we will recommend the most suitable corporate structure for your business based on your business plan and goals.


Creating a website that clearly shows your products and services is a very important component of starting your business. We at assist with the development of a website, in both content and design. A website, like a business plan needs to show several features, such as:

  • Tell a Story – A website should tell the story of the company and its products or services.  

  • Design and Layout – Try to write clear and concisely. Proof read your website. Use real photos. Try and use an up-to-date website design.

  • Statistics and Sources – Use data and facts to back up your claims. The stronger the sources the more credibility the website.

  •  The Team – Use the website to highlight the management team and the roles of advisors or other in your company. Show your experience and your passion.

Our staff at will assist you with all aspect of the website, including content, design, hosting and email setup.

General Business Services


Once your website is up and running, which is half the battle, now you need to maintain the website and learn about the internet’s vast network of resources. Our staff at will teach you how to learn the basics of running a business online, including how to use google/yahoo/bing search, how to utilize search engine optimization (SEO), how to create click ads for your business and run programs such as google analytics. Staying on top of your website and the details behind it is of critical importance.



In additional to internet assistance, we will strive to give you the tools and resources to raise capital from private investors. We will encourage you to begin networking via investment channels.