Application Procedures

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Follow the below steps in order to be considered for a grant.

  1. Download the Application by clicking the button below.

  2. Fill out the form as best as you can and email it to

  3. The application form consists of the following:

    • Contact information;

    • A brief statement about the nature and purpose of the proposed project;

    • An estimate of funding needs and budget;

    • Staff requirements;

    • General questions about an applicant’s background;

  4. Once an application is reviewed we may setup a call or a meeting to discuss your venture.

  5. We may require letters of reference, school certificates or other items.

  6. If approved for a grant we will begin the business plan collaboration almost immediately.

  7. Once the business plan collaboration is complete we will determine the best course of action, if any, for a capital infusion grant

Our staff at strives to review all applications inquiries within 48 hours during business the week. However, due to the high volume of applications we receive a response to your application could take longer, up to a week and in rare circumstances, 30 days. Feel free to contact us if you have not received a response within a week in order to ensure that we received your application.