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All staff at are volunteers. There are no salaries and no staff member gets paid for any work related to the organization which makes us unique among non-profits. Our team and volunteers hail from diverse backgrounds and are recognized in their fields as accomplished entrepreneurs. Each member is also socially active in philanthropy.

Paul Azous

Co-Founder | Chairman

Paul is the Chairman and Co-Founder of  For over 15 years Paul has assisted companies launch their businesses, including developing their financial and business models, as well as conducting company valuations, assisted with debt or equity offerings and general business consulting for startup and later stage companies. He has assisted more than 3,000 companies with their business plans and offering documents worldwide, spanning a wide spectrum of industries in over 50 countries.

Paul is the Founder and CEO of numerous financial and consulting ventures, including, a leading global business development firm, among numerous others, all of which assist startups and later stage companies with their business needs. He has assisted companies with such diverse product offerings that range from underwater hotel developments in the South Pacific Ocean to space debris collection technology outside the Earth’s atmosphere.  From the planning of one’s business to the drafting of the company’s documents to investors resources, these isn’t an aspect of Paul’s daily business life that doesn’t surround the core company document: the business plan.

Paul is first and foremost a student of history and writer. He is the author of two books.


Tamar Azous

Co-Founder | Executive Director

Tamar is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of  She is a successful “momtrepreneur”.  Tamar is the CEO of Grubby Wear LLC, (, a venture dedicated to creating baby and toddler clothes for the outdoors. Prior to Grubby Wear, Tamar worked for 6 years in Microfinance, providing business consulting and strategic planning services to Microfinance Banks providing microloans ($50 to $500 in loans) to the poorest demographic in the world. Tamar worked for several years at MicroEnergy Credits (, a social enterprise which links microfinance institutions to the carbon markets when they lend for clean energy. She has travelled extensively throughout the developing world, including Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Mongolia and seen firsthand the abilities – and capabilities – of the world’s poorest to innovate and create jobs.

Tamar has an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from The University of Pennsylvania.

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