Finance Industry Veteran Spearheads Non-Profit “Business Plans Across Borders”

February 15, 2017

Business Plans Across Borders aka Platform Dedicated to Fostering Start-Up Business Initiatives for Economically-Challenged, Immigrant and Refugee Entrepreneurs

(Seattle, WA) Feb 14, 2017 —Serial entrepreneur and veteran business plan advisor Paul Azous announced that he had recently launched a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable in society with their business startup needs. The organization, Business Plans Across Borders  assists refugee, immigrant, and low income aspiring entrepreneurs with business plan writing assistance in the form of business writing collaboration, the allocation of grants and facilitating networking opportunities with seasoned industry professionals. Aspiring entrepreneurs who qualify for assistance can apply directly via the organization’s website, . Grants are awarded based on merit.
Paul Azous, Co-Founder

Paul Azous is an 18 year finance industry veteran and Founder/CEO of, a global consulting firm that assists startups and later stage private and public companies with a broad range of professional services, from business plan and prospectus writing to initial public offering and stock exchange listings.  During the past 15 years, Paul and his firm have guided scores of companies across multiple industries and geographic regions in helping to launch start-up and fast-growth businesses. His primary focus has been on developing business plan summaries, financial and business models, conducting company valuations and assisting with debt or equity offerings. Through a global consultancy framework, Azous has been credited with fast-tracking nearly 5,000 companies in over 50 countries with their business planning and investor documentation needs.

“Creating has been a goal of my wife, Tamar and myself for several years, as we’ve always been determined to mentor and providing backing to aspiring entrepreneurs who have not had the benefit of a support system.” says Azous. “With Tamar’s background in microfinance, her own “momtrepreneur” experience starting a small business and coupled with my background, Borders was just a matter of time.”

Entrepreneurs within’s target demographic typically lack the resources necessary to launch a successful business, even if the business fills a market need. This leaves them unable to raise sufficient funding to adequately develop and market their products or services and consequently, those initiatives are short-lived. assists with the most important document that a business owner or entrepreneur must have: the business plan. A business plan enables entrepreneurs to build a roadmap for their company, and is a necessary component to raise capital from qualified investors and/or lending institutions. guides entrepreneurs through the strategic business planning process and links them with a wide network of volunteer industry professionals who provide free business startup services, including legal work, accounting, and marketing.


Business Plans Across Borders aka – is a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization. The organization was created to assist low income, refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs with writing and developing their business plans. staff works one-on-one with aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them formulate, structure and develop cohesive business models, provides merit-based grants to awardees and networking opportunities with accomplished mentors who can bridge the gap between a strong idea and successful implementation.

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